Think of me as your digital superhero, swooping in to tackle those online challenges. Amplifying your message, optimizing resources, standing tall against industry giants, and crafting an exceptional brand that stands out – consider them done! Together, we’ll forge a user-friendly website and a dynamic social media presence that truly embody your brand. Stuck on tech jargon? I’ll simplify it, no decoder ring needed. Welcome to your brand’s new digital fortress. 

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the mission

I'm all about making things simple for you. I am here to help you shine in the digital space with a visual story that truly captures your audience.


The Vision

My vision is to create websites that are powerful agents and will contribute to a brighter collective future. I know together, we can make a difference in the world.

What is Kapwa

Kapwa is more than a word—it’s a Filipino philosophy that resonates deeply with the essence of interconnectedness and shared humanity. It encapsulates the belief that our individual paths intertwine, and together we can make a positive impact on a global scale.

With this core value of my heritage, I aim to create a platform that fosters meaningful connections, celebrates diversity, and promotes holistic well-being. It’s through Kapwa Global, I aspire to empower individuals, organizations, and communities to come together, transcending boundaries and making a tangible difference in the lives of others.
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Meet Me

Sharon Aldeguer

I have a knack for spotting those unique, often overlooked strengths and qualities in people and businesses. The same way a jewel shines brighter when set just right, I believe every individual and brand has a distinct light waiting to gleam brilliantly.


As a dedicated website designer and health advocate (from being an award winning personal trainer, nutritionist and health coach), my joy springs from two primary sources: Crafting digital spaces that allow women entrepreneurs to truly shine, and empowering them to prioritize their well-being in their entrepreneurial journey.


When a business’s digital identity is in sync with her voice, it doesn’t just attract audiences; it resonates with them. And when that same business owner is equipped with tools for a balanced life, their enterprise doesn’t just succeed; it thrives.


With every pixel I place and every health tip I share, my aim is clear: To help you unearth that treasure trove of potential within. Whether I’m designing a website that perfectly captures the spirit of a brand, or penning articles that inspire a healthier work-life balance, I’m here to ensure you don’t just navigate the modern world but excel in it.


Above all, my true passion drive lies in helping others see what’s possible and guiding them in turning their dreams into reality. I am dedicated to leveraging my skills and experiences to empower women, guiding them towards their own business transformative possibilities.


Specialties: Creating stunning websites for women entrepreneurs during pivotal transitions – be it newly embarking a new business, scaling their business, launching a new website, or redesigning an old one. I’m also keenly attuned to the needs of creatives; those visionary souls whose brilliance might sometimes feel out of step with the mainstream, but whose contributions are invaluable.


Let’s work together to make the rest of your entrepreneurial journey the best it can be. 🖥️🌿

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