Why Isn’t Your Website Resonating With Your Target Audience?

Have you ever baked a cake, excitedly anticipating that first bite, only to realize you forgot the sugar? It looks like a cake, smells like one, but… it’s missing that sweet connection. Similarly, having a website that’s visually stunning but doesn’t “click” with your audience is like that sugar-less cake. Let’s dive into some possible […]

My Top 3 Secrets for Designing Fast and User-Friendly Websites!

  Ever wondered how some websites seem to load at lightning speed while others make you want to throw your device out the window? Or why some sites feel like a comforting chat over coffee, while others are like trying to decipher a foreign language? Well, I’ve got your back!   Today, I’ll be sharing […]

It’s All In Your Mind

I used to dislike the phrase, “It’s all in your mind.” In the past, I was winging my way through life, taking on new challenges left and right, sometimes struggling and then giving up. Well-meaning colleagues and friends around me would drop the classic line, “It’s all in your mind,” and it just made me […]

How to DIY Your Website Branding

Starting up can be both thrilling and a tad daunting, right? A limited budget might have you hesitating on branding and web design. But guess what? There’s an inner creator within you just waiting to be unleashed. And I’m here to nudge you in the right direction. Let’s navigate the world of DIY branding together. […]

Why Custom Web Design Is Better Than Templates

So, you’re venturing into the realm of website creation, and there’s a crossroad ahead: custom web design or ready-to-use templates? Both avenues have their merits. Templates are alluring with their instant appeal and accessibility, but before you dive in, let’s chat about why custom web design might be the game-changer you didn’t know you needed. […]

Should the Customer Do Research? How Knowledge Accelerates Your Web Design Project

The digital era has brought countless opportunities for businesses to grow and thrive. Yet, diving into a web design project can seem daunting, especially if it’s uncharted territory for you. However, a bit of preparation can go a long way in ensuring the success of your project.   Understanding Your Industry: A Critical Step Imagine […]

Boost Your Online Visibility: Unconventional Strategies for B Corps

As a B Corp, standing out in the crowded online landscape requires a unique and strategic approach. Here, we’re exploring some creative strategies, filled with real-life examples, to skyrocket your B Corp’s online visibility! Unleash the Power of Transparency Transparency is a powerful tool. Patagonia, a B Corp, frequently shares its supply chain details and […]

Walking Two Paths: My Love for Fitness and Web Design

Hey, amazing folks! As we continue on the digital world, I thought I’d take a little detour to let you into my world.⁣ ⁣ Many of you know me for my love for fitness, but there’s a whole other side of me that’s equally as passionate – the world of art and design. I’ve danced […]