Boost Your Online Visibility: Unconventional Strategies for B Corps

As a B Corp, standing out in the crowded online landscape requires a unique and strategic approach. Here, we’re exploring some creative strategies, filled with real-life examples, to skyrocket your B Corp’s online visibility!


Unleash the Power of Transparency

Transparency is a powerful tool. Patagonia, a B Corp, frequently shares its supply chain details and the environmental impact of its products. Emulate this by openly sharing your behind-the-scenes, sustainability initiatives, and even challenges.


Customer Success Stories: Your Secret Weapon

Warby Parker, an eyewear B Corp, often shares stories of people whose lives have changed through their “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” program. Similarly, share how your customers or communities have benefited from your services, products, or initiatives.


Data-Driven Change: Show, Don’t Just Tell

Seventh Generation, a household product B Corp, shares case studies about the environmental impact of its initiatives. Follow suit by showcasing your measurable impact. This validates your work and engages audiences who value data-driven change.


Engage in Online Forums: Be a Thought Leader

Take a leaf out of TOMS Shoes‘ book. They engage in online discussions on social issues, subtly showcasing their work. Participate in online forums like Quora or LinkedIn groups, providing valuable insights related to your industry and the work your B Corp is doing.


Make Infographics Your Best Friend

B Lab, the organization that certifies B Corps, frequently uses infographics to simplify complex concepts. Create your own shareable infographics to highlight your impact, initiatives, or industry-related topics.


Thought Leadership: Win with Value

Eileen Fisher, a B Corp fashion brand, publishes thought-provoking articles about sustainable fashion. Position your company as a thought leader by publishing well-researched, in-depth articles on your blog, attracting an audience that values and shares your insights.


Increasing your online visibility goes beyond traditional SEO. It’s about creating meaningful connections, engaging in relevant conversations, and providing immense value to your audience. By embracing these strategies, your company will not only boost its online visibility but also make a difference that’s visible to all.


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