How to DIY Your Website Branding

Starting up can be both thrilling and a tad daunting, right? A limited budget might have you hesitating on branding and web design. But guess what? There’s an inner creator within you just waiting to be unleashed. And I’m here to nudge you in the right direction. Let’s navigate the world of DIY branding together.


It’s not just about picking colors or fonts; it’s about your story, your purpose. After all, branding, as rightly defines, is “the practice of creating a name, symbol, or design that differentiates a product from others”.


But before we dive in, remember this golden rule: it’s okay to be imperfect. You know some top-tier brands that didn’t get it right the first time, don’t you? ☺



Where to Start?

Take a deep breath and say, “I can take IMPERFECT ACTION.” Feeling it? Let’s begin.


Pick Your Colors

Your Brand Colors Matter

Find Inspiration: Your brand colors evoke emotions. Dive deep into color theory or keep it simple; find 3-5 inspiration images that echo your vision. Places like Pinterest, Instagram or even that magazine on your coffee table can be treasure troves.

Choose Three Main Colors and Two Supporting Colors: Using tools like Coolors super palette generator or Adobe’s Color Wheel, pick three main colors – a mid-tone, a light color, and a dark hue. Then two supporting colors to compliment the main colors. 

Remember, harmony is key!


Pick Your Fonts

Fonts Speak Louder Than Words

Know Your Audience: Fonts have personalities. Some might be fun, others formal. What resonates with your crowd?
Make Your Pick: There’s a world of fonts out there, from free resources like Google Fonts to paid options on CreativeMarket. Just ensure they’re clear and representative.
Usability Is Vital: When setting up, make sure they’re readable across different devices.

Follow me on Instagram, where every week I share a case study showcasing a business type (for example: an architect’s firm) and fonts and color palettes to consider.

Choose Brand Images

Powerful Imagery for Brand Storytelling

Don’t fret if professional shoots aren’t in the cards yet. Use stock photos as placeholders while you gear up. Some free favorites include:

  • Pexels
  • Unsplash
  • Pixabay

While paid options like Stocksy and Shutterstock offer exclusive shots.



Create Your Logo

Crafting That Unique Logo

Confidence soaring? Time to design that logo. Platforms like Canva are gold mines for such DIY tasks. You’ve got your colors, your fonts, and your brand’s essence. Blend them. And if inspiration runs low, recall brands that are recognized merely by their typography. You’ve got this!



Bringing It All Together

I’m buzzing with excitement to see how you weave these elements together! But always remember, DIY branding is all about evolution. There’s room to grow, tweak, and redefine.


Happy branding!


Your compass in this digital landscape,



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