It’s All In Your Mind


I used to dislike the phrase, “It’s all in your mind.”


In the past, I was winging my way through life, taking on new challenges left and right, sometimes struggling and then giving up. Well-meaning colleagues and friends around me would drop the classic line, “It’s all in your mind,” and it just made me want to roll my eyes.


But fast-forward to today and running two businesses later, I had a total mindset makeover around that phrase. I now view it as a powerful, positive mantra, and it has become a secret weapon.


Now, “It’s all in your mind” is like a magical gateway to turning things around. It’s about connecting the amazing thoughts we have with the powerhouse actions we take. It’s all about flipping the switch on negative thoughts and replacing them with positive truths. (Not to be confused with false positivity!)


When I reach a roadblock, I give myself a little pep talk — “It’s all in your mind” – and figure out the problem.

  • Why am I not doing what I intend to do? I look for an ACTUAL answer, like I’m not leaving enough time between work and home, rather than something punishing like, “I never follow through on anything.”
  • What’s missing in my approach? Should I try something new, rather than repeating the same mistake over and over?
  • Can I be more effective about setting a goal and an intention, and supporting myself in taking the right steps? For instance, if I’m having trouble working out when I plan to, can I ask the other person about different times on their calendar?


That’s when “It’s all in your mind” made sense! It doesn’t mean, “Stop feeling sorry for yourself.” It doesn’t mean, “You just have the wrong attitude.” It doesn’t mean, “You’re just not smart enough to succeed.”


It means “mind over matter” is a game changer:

  • Setting the right kind of goals, rather than ones that are rooted in fantasy
  • Making a plan based on my desires and values
  • Applying those desires and values to each step along the way – like making a daily intention for each task instead of just showing up and going through the motions.


Aligning your thoughts and actions is the key to unlocking the door to your dreams — whether it’s smashing your entrepreneurial goals or anything else you desire in life!


Where your mind goes, your energy will follow.

– Sharon

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