Walking Two Paths: My Love for Fitness and Web Design

Hey, amazing folks! As we continue on the digital world, I thought I’d take a little detour to let you into my world.⁣

Many of you know me for my love for fitness, but there’s a whole other side of me that’s equally as passionate – the world of art and design. I’ve danced between these two worlds, with a background working in top ad firms in SF and NY.⁣

Recently, I relit my creative flame and relaunched my web design business. But, I’ve heard some whispers, “Why are you moving away from fitness?”⁣

Let me reassure you, I’m not leaving anything behind. I’m simply embracing both sides of my passion. I’m a personal trainer AND a web designer. (brain and brawn does exist 😉 It’s like choosing between sunshine and moonlight – I adore both!⁣

We’re all beautifully complex and multidimensional. We’re not meant to be confined to a single path, and it’s perfectly okay to pursue multiple interests. That’s the beauty of being human!⁣

Now, I’m back in the web design game and I’m more equipped than ever. ⁣

Though it seems like a new chapter, it’s just a deeper dive into my journey. As we explore more about online visibility, remember, my experiences in design, tech, advertising, and fitness are what make me, me.⁣

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