Web Design Services

Your online presence is your first impression, your handshake, your “Hello”. And I’m here to make sure it’s a memorable one. 

What's Included

1 Hour Kickoff Call

In a 1-hour call, we'll take a close look at your assets, pinpoint your target audience, and craft a strategy and design that really speaks to your ideal customers.

Amazing Design

I design WordPress with Elementor Pro to websites. My designs are crafted with sales psychology in mind and come equipped with integrated marketing tools such as tags, forms, and automations.

Branding and Styling

I will style and brand your website using your Branding Intensive Kit Add-On or your own branding kit.

Content Writing

I'll craft copy that honors your brand and engages your audience. Expect a touch of light copy-editing on-page to ensure everything fits just right, enhancing both spacing and design flow.


All the pictures you provide will be neatly compressed. I will handpick royalty-free stock photos that perfectly match your branding, adding them as required for beautiful section backgrounds.

1 Contact Form

I will create 1 form to include your name, action upon submit set, connection to email marketing set, tags set

1 Booking / Scheduler Connection​

I will integrate 1 Booking / Appointment Scheduler. Note: It will be your responsibility to ensure your booking/appointment scheduler is in sync with your business Calendar (ie Google Calendar).

Basic On-Page SEO​

I'll tailor your website precisely to your on-page content, taking care of essential elements like the Page Title, Meta Description, Schema Rich Snippets and Social Sharing Image.

Google, Bing and Google Search Console

I'll connect Google and Bing to your website, so people can find you more easily. This means I'll perform a basic set up of Google Analytics and submit and index your site to Google Search Console.

Social Media Linking

I'll add a sprinkle of social flair to your website by linking one of your social media platforms to it. This means all the lively and fresh activity from your social media will also be shared right on your website, keeping it vibrant and engaging. It's like having a constant pulse of energy on your site.

Training Video

I'll provide you with a 1-hour training video through Loom featuring your website so you can reference it at any time when you want to make changes to your website.

14 or 30-Day Guarantee

I understand we may discover things that aren’t working great, like a form field or a title or subheading (for example). These are extremely minor revisions that do not change the design and/or the structure of the website. Stock photo change-outs or content writing edits can be done when they are provided by you. (Hinges on package type)

increase international traffic.
Reach a global audience.
explore new markets.

Every website I create can be bilingual upon request using GTranslate.

1 non-English language uses statistical machine translations.

1+ languages using neural machine technology is an additional fee because this tech blows statistical machines out of the water. It uses neural translations which are very accurate when translating to and from the English language.

For example statistical translation quality for Spanish to English ranked at 6 out of 10, with 10 being a perfect translation. Human translators generally rank at 8.5 and new neural machine translations hit 8.3.

WordPress + Elementor Pro Professional


  • Uniflow is the sleek premium one-page website. Great for those who need a strong foundation to kickstart their business.
  • 1 page with up to 7 sections
  • 1 Photo Gallery
  • 1 Video


  • Perfect for businesses requiring more than one page, this is where your journey with the Core Essential pages begins.
  • Up to 7 pages
  • 1 Photo Gallery
  • 1 Video


  • Designed for businesses aiming for the peak, PrestigeConnect is the ultimate evolution beyond UniFlow and Core Essentials.
  • Up to 15 pages
  • Up to 3 Photo Galleries
  • Up to 3 Videos

Shopify Elevated E-Commerce Experiences


  • Customized 1 page with up to 5 sections
  • Up to 3 Products
  • 1 Photo Gallery
  • 1 Video


  • Customized with up to 5 pages
  • 1 store
  • Up to 15 Products
  • 1 Photo Gallery
  • 1 Video


  • Customized with up to 10 pages
  • 1 store
  • Up to 30 Products
  • Up to 5 Photo Galleries
  • Up to 5 Videos
graphic designer designing

Enhanced Essentials

Remember, your online presence is more than just your website. That’s why I offer Add-Ons that ensure you’re powerful across all channels.

Be it a Branding Intensive Kit, SEO Content Writing (for compelling sales copy), Premium SEO Service, photo-editing, logo design, and web care, I’ll help transform your business into something that truly resonates with your audience, whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to redefine your brand.




Get a stunning website that delivers results. Boost your online presence, attract visitors, and increase conversions with my customized strategy.

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